Breakfasts Discussions and Lunches in the Exhibit Hall

Breakfast Roundtable Discussions

  • Requires *Extra fee. Advance registration required.  Limited seats available so register early!
  • Arrive on time, please!  Breakfast and discussions start promptly at the start time listed.  Note that we will give away open seats to those on our wait list starting 10 minutes after the event start time.  Refunds will not be available.  This is because we need full tables for discussions to be most effective and we don’t want to waste food.  
  • Wednesday,  starts promptly at 7:30am
  • Thursday, starts promptly at 7:00am
  • Friday, starts promptly at 7:00am

20160227_2-584The Breakfast Roundtable Sessions provide us an opportunity to more deeply explore the conference theme by facilitating small-group conversations over breakfast. Each morning we will focus on a different facet of The Intersection of Science and Policy. We will use different questions and facilitation methods to explore “why and how we, as wildlife professionals, should engage in policy discussions”. Each Breakfast Roundtable will be a standalone session, so you may register for one, two, or all three sessions. No prior knowledge or experience required, all are welcome and encouraged to participate!

Wednesday we will discuss what we mean by the phrase “policy engagement”. It may mean something different to each of us depending on the circumstances, such as whether we are actively engaging in our professional role, indirectly engaging by providing data that informs policy, or we are actively engaging as a member of The Wildlife Society. We will use the World Cafe method to facilitate this session; it encourages collaborative problem solving and the consideration of multiple perspectives through dialogue around questions that matter. Participants will start at small tables, then change tables over several discussion rounds. We will conclude the session by coming back together to share highlights.

  • How do we, or can we, directly and indirectly influence policy related to wildlife management and conservation?
  • What is our role in defining policy?

Wednesday Breakfast Buffet Menu:   Fresh scrambled eggs garnished with diced tomatoes, cheddar and chives;  Hickory smoked bacon and breakfast sausage; Home skillet potatoes, Oatmeal with almond milk, brown sugar , raisins, almonds and honey; Array of seasonal fruits, Assorted danish, pastries, and croissants; Assorted chilled juices, Freshly brewed coffee, decaf and hot Tazo tea. 

Thursday our conversation will focus on discussing our opinions on existing wildlife policy. Each table will have the same questions but will approach them from the perspective of a different aspect of wildlife policy, based upon the Conference Session topics, The Wildlife Society Position and Issue Statements, or TWS Policy Briefs. Participants will choose their table/topic and remain at that table for the full session (about 40 minutes of conversation). You may choose to review the topics ahead of time, but that is not required; an information brief will be provided at the breakfast. Specific table topics will be posted when the session themes are finalized and will be subject to change based upon registration numbers.

  • What parts of the policy do you think are effective?
  • What would you change?
  • How can we lead that change?

Thursday Breakfast Buffet Menu:  Signature french toast with fire roasted cinnamon apples and caramel sauce; Farm fresh scrambled eggs garnished with diced tomatoes, cheddar and chives; Hickory smoked bacon; Array of seasonal fruits; Assorted chilled juices; Freshly brewed coffee, decaf and hot Tazo tea.

Friday we are continuing our Breakfast Social approach to wrap-up the week. It provides attendees the opportunity for an unstructured, but prompted, conversation. Suggested conversation starters will range from serious to silly. Participants may choose to remain at a single table or switch tables during the session for an informal, casual breakfast buffet and friendly conversation.

Friday Breakfast Buffet Menu:  Bagels with butter, assorted fruit preserves, peanut butter and cream cheese; Assorted Meat (and/or Veggie) Frittata with Swiss Cheese; Sliced seasonal fruits; Whole grain cold cereals and granola served with milk & almond milk; Snoqualmie Falls oatmeal served with sides of sweet dried cranberries, brown sugar and sliced berries; Fruit and yogurt; Assorted chilled juices; Freshly brewed coffee, decaf and hot Tazo tea.

Lunch Buffets in the Exhibit Hall

This year, you may pre-purchase tickets for a lunch buffet which will be offered Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in our sunny and bright exhibit hall at the Holiday Inn.  Stay and eat in the exhibit hall with other conference attendees, or take your meal to-go (in an eco-minded container, of course) and eat in your hotel room or at an impromptu meeting with your colleagues.  This allows you the chance to meet new wildlife friends, talk to our sponsors and exhibitors, browse the silent auction, and relax while avoiding the lunchtime hassle of finding a restaurant and rushing to get back in time for the next meeting.  Note, limited seating available in the exhibit hall due to space restrictions.

Wednesday Lunch Buffet Menu:  Deli Buffet!  Assorted salads and a Make-Your-Own Sandwich Buffet with Meat, Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free Options; Relish Tray and Condiments.  Choice of Coffee, Decaf or Iced Tea. (GF & Special Diet options provided with advanced notice.)

Thursday Lunch Buffet Menu:  Italian Buffet!  Tossed Green salad; Veggie Lasagna; Pasta with Marinara Sauce; Meatballs; Oven Roasted Vegetables; Bread Sticks. Choice of Coffee, Decaf or Iced Tea. (GF & Special Diet options provided with advanced notice.)

Friday Lunch Buffet Menu:  Build Your Own Box Lunch!  Assorted Meat and Vegetarian Gourmet Sandwiches, Deli Chips, a Piece of Whole Fruit, and a choice of Beverage.  (GF & Special Diet options provided with advanced notice.)